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We just love ice cream!

We are a Qatari managed company, producing  artisan vegan  ice cream. Our premium ice cream is a handmade product, using the best ingredients and plant based packaging. We always make decisions that make us proud. All of our products start with premium, natural, plant-based, kosher ingredients. That means using organic strawberries when avaliable and choose premium vegan chocolate. We use organic unrefined sweeteners wherever possible, and always try to have something for everyone -- regardless of allergy or dietary preferences.

Our shipping coolers are reusable with zero water wasted.  We are always trying to be conscious of the beautiful world that we live in. It is something that we value, and know you do, too. Our goal is to have a 100% paperless operations, we rely on digital systems and issue electronic, invoices, receipts… etc. Some of our practices come at a premium – in cost and in time - however we believe it’s the right thing to do. You might already love ice cream, but these are just a couple more reasons to love Amor Amor ®.

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